This Donald Trump Parody site was created, first and foremost, to stir-the-pot, so to speak.; but, secondly, and more importantly,  to create a forum to openly and respectively discuss the broad range of views that have been thrusted into our political landscape in this 2016 electoral cycle.   But, this is not to incite anger and division, but rather to force about conditions where we can openly discuss all the issues and all the candidates, — inclusive of the rather charged concept of fascism —  to help foster a positive public discourse.

In the opinion of this website’s writer, Trump’s fascist tendencies, or strategies rather, are symptomatic of a growing angst within the American body politic and this angst is valid — although, grossly misguided in Trump — and this needs to be addressed in a real way that is both sincere, meaningful and productive.  The purpose of this blog is to invite writers of various perspectives to add editorial contributions about any position or facet of politics.


The author of Make America Fascist Again is the senior contributor and editor of the philosophy blog Nothing’s Sacred.

Editorial contributions:

Sanjay Perera of Philosophers for Change with commentary on Trump’s relation to David Duke

Brittany Hogan from the Facebook Public Debate Forum with commentary on parallels between the Trump campaign and the 2008 Obama campaign 


If you are interested in contributing please send submissions to

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